It was the middle of September of this year and we were already seeing the Snowbirds return. Driving on Estero Blvd. we see them zoom out in front out us and then slow down and drive 15 mph.
I don’t know any locals that live on Fort Myers Beach that are eager to say ” Welcome back”. We now face 6 months of constantly following by one of them as they continuously tap their brakes or  try to figure out where a driveway is, all the while, driving 15 mph., the non-stop ambulance sirens, them darting out in front of moving cars when they want to cross the street, blocking aisles in the grocery store, the list goes on and on.
Fort Myers Beach patrol cars need to pull these Snowbirds over and give them a pricey ticket and remind them of what the speed limit really is. That would help our county bring in some more revenue.
Now with the construction on Estero, it will be a total nightmare when we have to follow one of them as they try to navigate their big Buicks, “Caddy’s” or Lincoln’s through the maze of orange barrels that we have had to deal with since they left in April.
To all of the Snowbirds out there…..DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT! If you can’t drive that fast, then take the trolley! The rest of us who live here full time, have jobs and we don’t have time to follow behind you while you explore and stop at every cross-walk, even when no one is there. Maybe you see something that the rest of us don’t see. Do you see dead people? If you do, hire a PR manager and take your show on the road but stay off our roads.