reported that Fort Myers has broken records for rainfall in January with 8.3 Inches in 22 days. Well, I can tell you that I have emptied more than 15″ of rain from my rain gauge FMB and there seems to be no letting up. This is the wettest January since they have been keeping records.
Fort Myers Beach has an average of 53.23 annually. That is the average of the last 30 yrs which is 36% wetter than the national average and 0.35 more than the entire state of Florida. Normally, in the winter,  Fort Myers Beach gets an average of 2.43 inches in the winter. Now you can see why we have broken all the records!
This heavy rain causes temporary flooding but especially in areas on FMB because of the poor drainage. Some roads seem like they never dry up because the ground is saturated and there is just no place for the water to go. They get bogged down with the water and it makes some roads impassible until the rain subsides and the roads get a chance to dry up.
There is one street that I know of that the drain is so low that the water from the canals flood the streets during high tides. What logic was that?  FMB really needs to update their drainage on the island so we can dry up our streets. When it rains like this, there is no place for the water to go.
Maybe the mayor needs to quit focusing on shutting down the farmer’s market at the church and going after chair vendors on the beach and she could focus her attention on the crumbing, insufficient drainage system on this island.