Season is in full swing on Fort Myers Beach and our population rises from 10,000 residents to 60,000 with all our seasonal residents and guests.  Our little island is bursting at the seams.
With that increase, the noise pollution increases to intolerable levels. The visitors don’t seem to notice or care, but for the rest of us, who live here year round, we do notice it.
By 7am, usually there has been at least one ambulance and then they continue on throughout the day. Being that we are an island, you can hear the ambulance the entire time it drives from one end to the other. Fire trucks are the same with their end to end sirens.
Then by 7:30 am, the old men with their noisy Harley’s come roaring through. Revving their engines and blasting their music.
At the same time, we start to get more and more of the jets that seem to come in for landings in intervals of every 5 minutes. It is reported that 60 percent are flying at least at 2,800ft. That claim is highly debatable. Studies have shown that there are some commercial flights, flying as low as 1,500 ft.
On top of that, we have the helicopters. Life Flights, Sheriff, Coast Guard, private helicopters, commercial helicopters,etc. Buzzing around, just over the tree tops.
Now we also have the increased traffic, horns, chain saws, mowers, blowers, construction trucks, construction equipment, it is relentless.
During the day, if I closed my eyes, I would think I am living in  NY city, but at night, I can sit on my lanai and hear the waves from the Gulf.
Back in 2013, Lee County Port Authority had already spent $819,000 to study noise and FMB had spent $25,000 to also study noise and this was just for aircraft. What a waste of tax payers dollars! I could have told them it was too noisy and it would have saved all that money.
It makes me wonder what will the noise pollution be like in 4 years, when the building plans at the north end are completed.  Will that help the us or will it get worse? Only time will tell. But I hope the residents don’t have to give up the quiet time at night where we can all sit and listen to the waves.
What do you think?  Do you agree that the noise level is getting worse?