Well, at least that will be true if Joe Orlandini has his way.  Joe is the owner of the run-down, trashy Mermaid bar that attracts the old bikers that disrupt FMB on a regular basis.
The one thing that I was happy to hear, was that the land where the Mermaid sits, was sold and would be part of the Grand Resorts at the north end of the island. That broken down eye sore would be gone for good. I thought that, that would discourage the old men and their Harley’s from coming onto FMB to do nothing other than make noise and buy a bottle of beer or a cup of coffee and sit on the steps and talk with another old biker.
What a shock it was when I read in the Observer that Joe Orlandini is going to try to move that broken-down, eye-sore to the Sunoco gas station that Joe owns. His plans are to tear down the gas station and replace it with the scraps from his biker bar. At first I thought it was just a joke, but then I read the delusional comments from Joe and he is serious about moving that eye-sore.
He still needs to have this approved by the Town of FMB. Would they really be willing to allow this?
Joe said that if he moves it, he will be a hero for saving it and it has a good following and people will stop throwing things at his car. WHAT???? Who are the people who are throwing things at his car? It’s probably his old, nasty biker customer’s that are behaving like that.
Joe claims that he was the one who talked Tom Torgerson into buying all the land and creating the Grand Resorts future plan.
How could that be? How can he be pushing to improve FMB with renovating the broken-down buildings,etc. and then turn around a take a broken-down building, and move it???
That bar/liquor store does not do anything for the aesthetics of this island, not to mention, attracts a demographics that is not conducive to FMB’s improvement.
How much money do these old men spend? What do they do to bring revue to the island? The $5 beer or coffee is not worth the noise and the disruption they cause, let alone, moving that old, nasty building!
What do you think? Do you want to see that business moved? Do you feel The Mermaid adds anything positive to the community?
 Maybe Joe Orlandini didn’t see South Park’s Episode about Harley Riders. Here is a clip for your entertainment. Shows how people really feel about these noisy old men.  Orlandini must not care about Fort Myers Beach residents, since it means mo money in his pockets.
RUMMMM BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, RUM BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Watch the South Park video below and it will make sense. LOL