Tuesday, Fort Myers Beach Residents and Lee County Commissioner pushed back at the plans for TPI Hospitality during the  meeting when TPI Hospitality revealed that they wanted to build a hotel at Crescent Beach Family  Park.
Lee Country Commissioners voted 5-0 to defer a last minute agenda item that would have enabled County staff to co-apply for a seawall that is essential for this project.
Take a look at this video and  you can see what unfolded at the meeting and hear the reporter describe what happened at the meeting with TPI Hospitality.
Notice the residents who are at the meeting. It looks like a bingo hall.
These are the people who will fight and object to any change to Fort Myers Beach. They don’t care about the fact that FMB is being driven into the ground by that type of mentality.
They are probably the owners of the dilapidated cottages that are ready to be torn down and don’t even notice that it  is the failed management of this Island that has allowed Fort Myers Beach to get to get as bad as it is. TPI Hospitality is the shot in the arm that Fort Myers Beach needs to turn this island around.
I don’t know about you, but we have a huge beautiful beach and then there is a tiny, little park. I will gladly give up the tiny, little park that is nothing more than a small plot of sand, a couple volley ball nets and a few park benches. Other than “Spring Breakers”  who else is using it and what can you do at that park that can’t be done on the beach?
A hotel could bring  good paying jobs, tax revenues and clean up the demographics in Fort Myers Beach. I hope that the younger people of Fort Myers Beach speak up and get involved in this. If not, the Seniors will complain until they shut it down. Then, they will go off to their little cottages, that are falling apart until they pass away. At that time, their heirs will sell the cottage and it will be demolished and a big mansion will be built in it’s place.
That mansion will not generate jobs, with the exception of a couple landscapers and a pool boy for 1 hour a week.