The Birds Have Landed
I am sure that everyone has noticed the early landing of the “Snowbirds” on the island. Is it just me or are they coming earlier and earlier each year?
Trying hard to look “local”, they drive their convertibles, wearing their baseball hats and the women with their sequined, sun visors. I am sure they really think that they blend in and this is the way the “locals” look. (and act)
The store owners are happy to see them, slowly roll onto the island but for those of us that do not own a store and still work, the birds rolling in, is not a welcomed site.
Publix becomes a test for patience, every time we are forced to enter that store. Shopping carts blocking the aisles. Each one turned in a different direction then we have the people walking next to each other, each pushing a cart going in the same direction. Not even thinking that MAYBE someone else wants to use that aisle.
(notice the placement of the carts. Snowbirds are oblivious to the fact that they are blocking the aisles)
Or how about the groups of birds that congregate in the center of the aisles to talk about Betty Jean and her latest medical problem or talk about how  Charlie threw his back out again?