As our temps finally cool down and as the Snow Birds flock to our island, it is a perfect time to think about having a garage sale.
It gives us a chance to clean out our carports,  garages, closets and cabinets and pass these treasures on to someone new. Plus, we also get to put a few dollars in our pockets, which is always a good thing.
I called Fort Myers Beach Town Hall regarding the details about garage sales.  So here are the facts, as of now, that you might want to know:
1) At this time the Town of Fort Myers Beach does not offer garage sale permits, however they are leaning toward starting that.  It is required in Fort Myers to get one.
2) You are limited to holding to garage sales per year.  It can be two weeks in a row but no more than that in a year.
There are conflicting stories with the rules, before we had called and they said it was required to get a garage sale permit at the Town Of Fort Myers Beach, that conversation was with Patty.  A neighbor of ours went to the Town Hall to obtain a garage sale permit and was told they are no longer issuing garage sale permits as of that day he went to get it (1/11/2016) and are not required to get one.  I had called today to get the story straight and was told they don’t issue garage sale permits and that they are leaning towards to make it a requirement to obtain a permit and that they haven’t required it in the past.  My head is spinning in circles!
If you have any other questions, please call Town of Fort Myers Beach at 239-765-0202 and maybe you will get a different answer.  If you do, feel free to comment on this post with the answers you got.
Also, if you are not interested in having a garage sale, you can always call a charity to donate your items. I called Salvation Army and  they do accept donations  of clothing, furniture, household goods, food, electronics, appliances,etc. You can call them and schedule a pick up and they will come and haul it away and give you a tax deductible receipt.