Did you know that we are lucky enough to have beautiful 9-11 Memorial at our fire station 33? It is located at 121 Lennel Rd. Right behind the Sun Hardware store.
The 9-11 Memorial  has a 650 pound piece of a twisted, burnt steel beam from the World Trade Center. This Memorial is a reality because of Randy Kraus, a NYC Paramedic who was there on Sept. 11, 2001. He was transporting the victims that day.

He is now a resident here and he wrote to the New York- New Jersey Port Authority and requested an artifact.  Because of his service, he was grated the artifact and it was driven from New York, 4 years ago. 

Randy Kraus stated ” that artifact represents our brothers’ and sisters’ bodies.  U.S. citizens’ bodies were buried underneath.”  ” It will be a final resting place for an artifact”, Kraus said. ” Keeping the memory alive. People always need to remember what a significant day Sept. 11th was.”
Kraus worked with Bolton Construction company and a lot of volunteers to get this beautiful memorial completed last year. It was dedicated on 9-11-14.
The memorial has the steel beam as it’s main focal point and there are granite, engraved markers that are the timeline on Sept 11th, 2001 as well as a quote from President George Bush.
Along the memorial, there are small cubes of steel artifacts that are embedded into the wall of the memorial.
As you go to pay your respect, you can touch the beams. If you lose your eyes, you will surely be taken you back to that horrific day that we all will never forget.
Bricks were sold that are engraved with a message from families and businesses who wanted to help fund the construction and the maintenance of the memorial.
If you would like to purchase a memorial brick, you can buy one for $50-$100 by stopping by the memorial and picking up a form or you can email  AC Tom May at tmay@fmbfire.org
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