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Fort Myers Beach Has Dangerous Crosswalks

Have you ever paid attention to all the signs and crosswalk warnings on Fort Myers Beach? As you drive down Estero Blvd. you will see signs, warnings, flashing lights, poles sticking up in the center with stop signs on them, formations of multiple poles, etc. There is no uniform “crosswalk warning” on this island. We all know that we have an older population, then add on the tourists, then add on the Snowbirds and to make the situation worse, we have no continuity with our cross walks. Each one is different and a driver is inundated with a plethora...

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Fort Myers Beach has Butt Rot!!

If someone told you that you had “Butt Rot”, you shouldn’t be offended, but you should pay close attention!  Butt Rot is the nickname for  Ganoderma zonatum. It is a lethal fungus that attacks and kills palm trees. Once you spot it, your tree already is infected and needs to be removed. There is no treatment for the fungus and the tree cannot be saved. I had noticed that my Areca palm tree tops were falling over. Branches were bending down for no reason and other than that, the tree looked healthy. I knew something was not right, so I...

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Fort Myers Beach – The Snowbirds have landed!!!

The Birds Have Landed I am sure that everyone has noticed the early landing of the “Snowbirds” on the island. Is it just me or are they coming earlier and earlier each year? Trying hard to look “local”, they drive their convertibles, wearing their baseball hats and the women with their sequined, sun visors. I am sure they really think that they blend in and this is the way the “locals” look. (and act) The store owners are happy to see them, slowly roll onto the island but for those of us that do not own a store and still...

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