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Florida Red Snapper Creole Recipe

You will need to have : ~Red Snapper Fish Fillet, Olive Oil, salt and pepper and Creole seasoning.Preheat your broiler. Then, cover your baking sheet with foil or you can use a( broiler rack) and spay with Pam to avoid filets from sticking.  Lay filets, skin-side  up on prepared baking sheet and rub a little olive oil on them. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on each filet and some Creole seasoning. Then  flip the filets over and season the top of the fish as you did the other side. Place the pan 6 inches from the broiler. Broil fish...

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Sea Trout Recipe and Freezing Pointers

Recently a friend of ours gave us some fresh caught Sea Trout that he caught off Fort Myers Beach. He is a master at fishing and can keep his family fed with fresh Florida fish and generously gave us some beautiful filets a couple of times. I quickly learned that Sea Trout is in the grass beds in the back bays and this is a one of the most popular game fish here on FMB.  I was told that this fish can come on with a  quick, strong force and most people would want to set that hook hard. It would seem that would...

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3 Storms Hit Fort Myers Beach

The winter here in Fort Myers Beach has packed a punch. We have had three storms, here on Fort Myers Beach. One was on the  Saturday the 9th, then on Friday the 15th, then again on Saturday the 16th/Sunday the 17th. On January 9th around 6:30pm. our phones received the  tornado warning and were told to take shelter. That storm wasn’t too bad here but we did get wind and a lot of rain. Cape Coral/Matlacha took a direct hit. They had substantial damage from the tornado that touched down. The Bridgewater Inn, on Matlacha was deemed “unsafe” by the county...

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Fort Myers Beach Garage Sales & Rules & Permits

As our temps finally cool down and as the Snow Birds flock to our island, it is a perfect time to think about having a garage sale. It gives us a chance to clean out our carports,  garages, closets and cabinets and pass these treasures on to someone new. Plus, we also get to put a few dollars in our pockets, which is always a good thing. I called Fort Myers Beach Town Hall regarding the details about garage sales.  So here are the facts, as of now, that you might want to know: 1) At this time the...

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Snow Bird Crashes New Car On Estero Blvd. Fort Myers Beach

When the Snow Birds are in town, the driving gets really dangerous. Yesterday, I was driving on Tamiami Trail and a woman decides to pull out in front of me and stop. She had no where to go so she stops in front of traffic coming at her driving 50 mph.  Luckily, I was able to stop  and she acted oblivious to what she was causing. Traffic was coming around from behind me as she sat there with her arms waving at the lady waiting in line to turn. That Snowbird had to back up to let this Snowbird get...

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