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Say It Isn’t So! The Snowbirds are returning to Fort Myers Beach already!

It was the middle of September of this year and we were already seeing the Snowbirds return. Driving on Estero Blvd. we see them zoom out in front out us and then slow down and drive 15 mph. I don’t know any locals that live on Fort Myers Beach that are eager to say ” Welcome back”. We now face 6 months of constantly following by one of them as they continuously tap their brakes or  try to figure out where a driveway is, all the while, driving 15 mph., the non-stop ambulance sirens, them darting out in front of...

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Fort Myers Beach Baptist Church Farmer’s Market Wednesday 9am-2pm

Looks like Mayor Anita Cereceda lost her ridiculous war against the Beach Baptist Church and Pastor Shawn Crister when she tried to shut down the Farmer’s Market and threatened to fine them if they continued to hold their weekly event. Mayor Anita Cereceda also told him the event is in a “quiet zone” part of the island’s middle and that she had no intention of supporting it.   Her phones must have been ringing off the hook when she waged her attack against the Church.  If she is not busy attacking  church pastors, then she is busy focusing on...

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Fort Myers Beach Town Is Not Sustainable Without Grand Resort’s Help

Senior Citizens all over Fort Myers Beach have their calendar’s marked for the upcoming Public Information Meeting scheduled on Feb. 22, 2016 at 5:30 to 7:30pm at the Bay Oaks Recreation Center. They will be arriving at 3:30pm  to make sure they get a good seat, up-front, so they will be  able to repeat over and over ” we do not want any changes”.  Probably 3/4 of them will be snowbirds who only live here for 3 months out of the year. Yet they will have the biggest voices. Why? Because the rest of us will be working and won’t...

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Fort Myers Beach’s Trashy Mermaid Biker Bar Will Be Here to Stay!

Well, at least that will be true if Joe Orlandini has his way.  Joe is the owner of the run-down, trashy Mermaid bar that attracts the old bikers that disrupt FMB on a regular basis. The one thing that I was happy to hear, was that the land where the Mermaid sits, was sold and would be part of the Grand Resorts at the north end of the island. That broken down eye sore would be gone for good. I thought that, that would discourage the old men and their Harley’s from coming onto FMB to do nothing other than...

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Noise Pollution on Fort Myers Beach

Season is in full swing on Fort Myers Beach and our population rises from 10,000 residents to 60,000 with all our seasonal residents and guests.  Our little island is bursting at the seams. With that increase, the noise pollution increases to intolerable levels. The visitors don’t seem to notice or care, but for the rest of us, who live here year round, we do notice it. By 7am, usually there has been at least one ambulance and then they continue on throughout the day. Being that we are an island, you can hear the ambulance the entire time it drives from one...

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