The winter here in Fort Myers Beach has packed a punch.

We have had three storms, here on Fort Myers Beach. One was on the  Saturday the 9th, then on Friday the 15th, then again on Saturday the 16th/Sunday the 17th.
On January 9th around 6:30pm. our phones received the  tornado warning and were told to take shelter. That storm wasn’t too bad here but we did get wind and a lot of rain. Cape Coral/Matlacha took a direct hit. They had substantial damage from the tornado that touched down.
The Bridgewater Inn, on Matlacha was deemed “unsafe” by the county and shut down 1/2 of it’s rooms. According to the “Dangerous Building” sign posted on the front of the motel, the “floor and structural members underneath have decayed to the point of failure” and “all connections, bolts, straps, anchors have deteriorated and are rotting away.” Also, “pilings have settled, beams are deflecting to maximum tolerances”. At first the sign said that the motel was to be demo’d, but then it was changed to say “repair”.
Then again on FMB, Friday the 15th., our phones issued a warning and we were told to take cover again. This time it was around 10:45 am. The storm was going to cut right through FMB.  That day my rain gauge topped out at 5″. The roads flooded quickly and I had water up to the running boards on my Jeep as I made my way home.
When I was on Estero Blvd., I saw a driver had missed the driveway and ended up in a ditch and the car was 1/4 submerged in water. That was located in front of the Wyndham Hotel.
 Then on Saturday the 16th, it started to pour that night. Then at 5am on Sunday another storm rolled in. We got another 2.5 inches of rain and the winds were blowing through here again. This time when we finally were able to get out of our house around 10 am , we headed out to Estero Blvd. and we were shocked to see that not only were the roads flooded yet again, but this time sand was all over the road.
The waves were at 8ft. and between the rain, the wind and the pounding surf, Estero Blvd. had a blanket of sand, covering it.
I am sure that the tourists were not happy with the string of storms. People could be seen wandering the streets, bundled up in winter coats as they  looked at the flooding and damage.
Below you can check out the pictures!
 High Waves on Fort Myers Beach IMG_9612 IMG_9625 IMG_9630 IMG_9645 IMG_9651 Fort Myers Beach Flooded Road